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About Us


Formulating Business Analysis Excellence

At theBAlab, we're not just another education provider — we're your dedicated partner on your journey to becoming an unparalleled business analyst. Our mission is crystal clear: to provide unmatched career support, advice, training, and resources exclusively tailored for the business analysis community.


Whether you're starting your BA journey, looking to sharpen your analysis acumen, or aiming for the zenith of your career, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Business Plan

Our Aim

Navigating through the various stages of a business analysis career can often feel daunting. The challenge of translating theoretical knowledge into practical, impactful work is a significant hurdle for many business analysts. Additionally, staying abreast of evolving industry best practices, tools, and methodologies can overwhelm even the most diligent professionals.

Understanding these complexities, theBAlab offers a spectrum of carefully curated services, including mentorship, career coaching, and hands-on training to prepare you for your next step.  We provide a comprehensive program that leapfrogs beyond traditional instruction, enabling you to understand and apply core and advanced analytical skills in a real-world context.


This ensures that you’re not only keeping pace with the industry evolution but are also primed to make impactful contributions from the get-go, giving you the confidence to thrive in your business analyst career.

Our Services

Career Coaching

Identify your optimal career path while sharpening your professional edge for standout resumes, interviews, and networking strategies.


Personalized guidance and industry insights from experienced professionals


Rigorous Certification Training for recognized qualifications, along with Skill-Specific Courses focused on practical applications to master the comprehensive toolkit of today's business analysts

Our Community

The Foundation of Our Services

Understanding the true essence of a community lies not just in its numbers but in its capacity to foster an environment of sharing, learning, and support. That's the cornerstone of our approach. Our services extend beyond mere knowledge transfer; they cultivate connections that empower business analysts at various stages of their careers to evolve together.


This communal space welcomes individuals from all walks of life, united by a shared ambition to navigate the complexities of business analysis.

Believing in the transformative power of collaboration to elevate outcomes, we at theBAlab are on a mission to join forces with organizations and industry leaders who are equally committed to setting the standard in business analysis training and development.

We are actively seeking partnerships with organizations and industry leaders who share our commitment to excellence in business analysis training and development.

Whether it’s co-creating specialized training programs, offering certification preparation, or pooling resources for more impactful learning experiences, we welcome the opportunity to explore various forms of collaboration.

Together, we can build stronger industry connections, bring innovative solutions to our offerings, and enable an even greater number of professionals to achieve their career aspirations.

If this vision excites you, we invite you to start a dialogue with us on how we can jointly foster value and catalyze positive transformation within the business analysis community.

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About our Founder

Retha De La Porte
  • LinkedIn

I'm Retha De La Porte, with over a decade of immersion in business analysis and project management across a spectrum of industries, I bring a wealth of knowledge and an arsenal of skills to the table. Certified as a business analysis professional, my journey is one marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and the profound impacts well-executed analysis can have on organizational success.

What sets me apart is not just my expertise in navigating the intricate landscapes of various sectors, but my commitment to driving meaningful change. Through the lens of business analysis, I've had the privilege of steering businesses towards remarkable transformations, guided by informed decisions and strategic foresight.

Yet, my contribution extends beyond the boundaries of traditional analysis. I am a champion for dynamic leadership, embodying a philosophy where ongoing education, mentorship, and coaching are cornerstones. Recognizing the power of diversity, I advocate for inclusivity and the rich, varied perspectives it brings, knowing that it's our collective diversity that fuels innovation and strengthens our endeavors.

With a track record of mentoring budding analysts and seasoned professionals alike, my aim is to not only elevate businesses but to empower individuals within them. By fostering an environment where continuous growth is not just encouraged but expected, I help shape leaders who are ready to face tomorrow's challenges today.

To discover more about my approach to business analysis, leadership, and the journey that has shaped my career, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's explore how my diverse experience and dedication to mentoring can pave the way for your transformative success.

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