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IIBA Lean Coffee

Virtual Networking

IIBA Lean Coffee

Event Overview:

Each week, the IIBA South African chapter hosts their exciting Lean Coffee Sessions. These gatherings are a platform where interested individuals and professionals can delve into diverse aspects of business analysis.

The sessions are built around the lean coffee format which is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Attendees are encouraged to bring their topics of interest to the table, fostering a lively discussion that ranges from latest industry trends and pressing challenges, to tried and true practices in business analysis. With this attendee-led setup of the sessions, every week promises new, pertinent, and engaging conversations.

Why It's Worth Attending:

Flexible Conversations: The uniqueness of each session lies in the participant's interests and expertise, assuring ongoing learning and a fresh perspective every week.
Networking Opportunities: The Lean Coffee Sessions provide a platform to engage and network with like-minded professionals, paving the way for potential collaborations and budding friendships within the business analysis community.
Career Development: The diverse range of topics and insightful discussions lend themselves to professional growth. Attendees could find answers to their questions, share their own insights, or simply listen in to broaden their understanding on the field.
Session Structure:

Participants suggest topics they’re interested in discussing at the start of each session. These topics are then voted on and discussed in order of priority, ensuring a productive exchange of ideas in a limited time frame. The conducive environment promotes collaboration, respect, and assures that every participant feels valued.

No matter the level of experience in business analysis—from seasoned professionals to beginners—everyone can find something to gain from these sessions. The Lean Coffee Session discussions are lively, welcoming, and broad in scope.

Event Date

Event Duration



1 May 2024 at 06:00:00

1 Hour


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